Santa Margherita - The First Carbonzero Certified Wine in Canada
Santa Margherita is proud to produce high quality wines with a commitment to lower our carbon footprint throughout all of our processes, from grape harvesting methods, to the production and delivery of our wines.
How we do it? 1 Measure: Assess the amount of carbon dioxide released and the possible impacts through each stage of the product's life cycle.
Stages (GHG emilssions per 750 ml bottle): Vineyard Operations - 0.084 kg. Supplier Operations - 0.0005 kg. Santa Margherita Operations - 0.76 kg. Distribution - 0.77 kg. = 1.62 kg CO2e/bottle
2 Reduce: Develop sustainable practices that will reduce our carbon footprint.
Renewable Energy Source - 2000 sq. meter Photovoltaic roof on winery. Renewable Energy Source - Biomass power plant. Zero Kilometre Production - 18 million bottles made in our on-site glassword facility. Recycling - Grape Skins recycled into cosmetics and tartaric acid. Total Energy Self-Sufficiency
3 Offset: Mitigate 1.62 kg of CO2e per bottle by investing in carbon offset projects that improve efficiency, conserve energy and biodiversity. Toronto Orgaincs Biodigestion - Offset: 1000 tonnes of CO2e. Manitoba/Saskatchewan: Bison Transport: Fuel-efficient fleets. Offset: 500 tonnes of CO2e. Quebec: Metropolitan Montreal Afforestation Project - over 375,000 trees planted on abandoned land. Offset: 1000 tonnes of CO2e.
For more information on these projects, please visit the carbonzero page.

Total GHG Emission: 2277.37 tonnes CO2e subtract Total Carbon Offset volume: 2500 tonnes CO2e = Carbon Neutrality from ground to store!

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