Santa Margherita launces the “La mia Mille Miglia” competition
15 • 02 • 2016

Santa Margherita launces the “La mia Mille Miglia” competition

To celebrate the 34th revival of the Mille Miglia car race we have launched the “La mia Mille Miglia” competition with its own dedicated website called La mia Mille Miglia. After having celebrated its 80th birthday by associating its name with the 2015 edition of the race, the Group now renews its bond with one of the most famous car races in the world by organising a competition that pays a tribute to the sporting spirit of the Marzotto family. The amazing feats of the Marzotto brothers in the 50s inspired the creation of this competition that offers participants the opportunity to win a unique experience: to take part in the Mille Miglia 2016 as protagonists.

“La mia Mille Miglia” recreates the experience of a real race on line. On the “La mia Mille Miglia” website each participant can choose the vintage car he wants to race with and customise every detail of it: the model, the colour of the body, the racing number and the name of his team. After having entered the competition, the competitor can begin his race and start collecting the points he needs to win. This is where the unique philosophy of this competition comes to light: i.e. the best race is the one shared with friends. This is why each participant will receive a personal link that he can share on social networks. If a friend enters the competition using the first competitor’s link, both the participant and his friend win points that increase their mutual chances of winning.Extra points can be gained by sharing and involving others on the most important social networks.

After 10th April (the last day of the competition) lots will be drawn for the final prizes which will offer the winners an unforgettable experience. The first-prize winner will fly to Rome to enjoy the unique atmosphere of the Mille Miglia race for 2 days, participating in the Rome-Parma stage with the Santa Margherita team and becoming the special guest at an exclusive party that will be held at VyTA Santa Margherita in the Casa del Cinema of Villa Borghese in Rome. On top of this, he will win a visit (including overnight accommodation) for two people to the historical Lamole di Lamole winery in the heart of Chianti Classico, as well as a selection of the best Santa Margherita wines.

The second prize consists in a visit to Santa Margherita’s Tuscany complex and in a selection of wines. Moreover, during this two-month competition four additional prizes, consisting in a different selection of Santa Margherita Gruppo Vinicolo wines, will be awarded. This time though these prizes will not go to the luckiest participants but to the winners of four set time periods, i.e. they will be awarded to the participants who will collect the most points during four pre-established weeks.

The “La mia Mille Miglia” competition, devised and managed by the Man-super! agency based in Florence and Miami, is an additional way for our Group to renew its bond with the Mille Miglia car race, drawing strength from their mutual history and values, with the attitude of those who have always looked confidently to their next goal.

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